Level One (Meets the educational requirements for Exhorter’s License with PCG)

Introduction to Ministry

“What is Ministry?”  Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  Discern God’s plan, purpose and preference for your life.  Learn how to walk as an “Anointing Carrier”


Healthy Lifestyle

Being functional in a dysfunctional world.  Habits of successful leaders.  Developing an effectual prayer life that protects the spiritual and physical man from burn out.  Nurturing and protecting the family.



History of the Pentecostal Church of God.  Overview of the Pentecostal movement.  Protecting a right relationship with your spiritual covering.  Doctrinal basics.  PCG By-laws.


Spiritual Leadership

Understanding leadership and authority.  Leadership traits needed to lead God’s people.  Vision – leading others in God’s preferred picture.  Build a team and develop a network.  Walking as a “Vision Carrier.”


Creating a Culture

The right people in the right place doing the right thing.  Closing the gap of what we expect people to do and what they actually do.  Walking in integrity – morals, character, accountability, commitments, keeping promises, blameless and steadfast.  Developing spiritual awareness.


Bible Knowledge

A basic survey of the Old and New Testaments


Level Two (Meets the educational requirements for Licensed Minister with PCG)


21st Century Church Ministry

Protecting the church’s spiritual and foundational history.  Seeker-sensitive vs seeker-friendly, cults vs healthy church relationships.  Worship styles.  Being relevant in today’s culture to maximize ministry.


Effective Church Ministry

Focus on support and helps ministries:  elders, deacons, ushers, teachers, music and drama, and lay ministries.  Working collectively to support the pastor’s vision and minister to the local church.


Ministry Communication

Ministry and communication through drama, dance, mime, and performing arts.  PowerPoint, web-based video and other multimedia platforms.  Using radio, live streaming and social media outlets effectively.



Basic sermon parts, sermon types, illustrations, material and information gathering. Ministry qualifications


School of the Preachers and Prophets

Sermon delivery.  Spiritual gifts.  Signs, wonders, and miracles.


 Level Three (Meets the educational requirements for Ordained Minister with PCG)


Pastoral Care

Depression, loss, grief.  Funerals, weddings, pre-marital counseling, marriage and family.  Home and hospital visitation.  Revivals, anniversaries, celebrations, special guests, communion, baptism, dedication.



Making Christ followers.  Special group ministry – children, youth, young adults, singles, seniors, etc.


Unity in the Body 

Effective leadership in the local church.  Effective leadership regarding church splits, gossip, negativity, disgruntled members, absent members.  Spiritual awareness and maturity in leaders and church.


Church Administration

By-laws, boards, budgets, and business.  Supervising the ministry team.  Development and execution of a strategic plan – “write the vision and make it plain.”


Evangelism and Church Growth

Intentional church growth.  Evangelistic campaigns.  Strategies to reach the un-churched.  Urban evangelism.  Church planting, home missions, life and cell groups, neighborhood outreach, support groups.